Brana was recently asked to be a guest on Corah Gernon’s podcast Ireland’s Birth Stories. The podcast is a space where Irish women can share their experiences with their pregnancy & birth.

In her 99th episode she chats with Brana who talks her through Evie’s birth, her pregnancy with Evie and our very recent pregnancy loss. Brana as always talks very openly about our experiences and I’m so proud of her for this and having the strength to tell her story and hopefully help other people going through similar experiences.

You can listen to the Episode on Spotify or directly on Ireland’s Birth Stories website below:


Hi! I'm Evie's Dad 👋 💙💛

I live with my partner Brana and our daughter Evie by the sea in Sligo 🏄🏽‍♂️🌊 🏕 ⛰

I mainly use this space to write about Evie and our family life, and sometimes just the things I’m interested in that might be relevant. I won't normally post about my personal projects that I work on but who knows maybe I will start to post here more often.